in blankstare news:...KFC: Chain Thanks Long-Serving Employee

KFC: Chain Thanks Long-Serving Employee

80-year-old Mary Lou Ausborne of Southfield, Michigan has worked at the same KFC restaurant for 52 years and says her job is too finger-licking good to give up.

She's been with KFC for so long that she even met and got to know "The Colonel"Harland Sanders whom she describes as “a wonderful man” who “never drank, never smoked” and was “just great.” Ausborne was recently honored by KFC with a plaque and a special dinner that was not KFC. Ausborne says, “I like being here. I like the people. I like the customers and it’s a very good job.” And get this. Her love of KFC has even trickled down to her daughter who has worked with her mom at the same restaurant for the past 34 years. (ABC News)




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