in blankstare news: (VIDEO)Woman Plucks Bird on Subway

in blankstare news: (VIDEO)Woman Plucks Bird on Subway

A Canadian woman who was caught on video plucking a bird on a Montreal subway car says she didn't think she was doing anything wrong.

The video went viral and police opened up an investigation. In the clip, she is seen taking a bird out of a plastic bag and plucking it while horrified passengers get up and walk away from her. The woman, who has been identified as Christina David, is speaking out saying, "I didn't know that it was going to affect any other people like that because in my culture it's completely normal." David is from Nunavut, the northernmost Canadian territory. 

David explained she was on her way home to cook a goose that her aunt had given her and she was excited to get a head start on preparing it. There were rumors that she was eating the bird raw on the train, but she says that is not true. (CBC)




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