in blankstare news: This Break-In Was a Selfie

in blankstare news: This Break-In Was a Selfie


When an Ohio couple reported that their house had been broken into and ransacked, it didn't take long for the cops to tell them that it was an inside job – because the pair had gotten wasted and done all the damage themselves.

The couple, whose names were not released, pointed out damage to the exterior of the home, but one of the deputies reminded the woman that she'd bashed in the front door with a shovel while he was at the home on a domestic violence call the day before. He also jogged the man's memory about the state of the house's interior by describing the tussle between him and his partner – both of which said they vaguely remembered.

When the man went on to mention that he thought his guns had been stolen, the responding officer told him that he'd voluntarily turned them over for temporary safe keeping – something he admitted he was too wasted to recall. According to the police report, they both thanked the cops "for clearing things up." (Plain Dealer)





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