in blankstare news: The McDonald's-less Diet

in blankstare news: The McDonald's-less Diet

A 34-year-old British woman has lost nearly 100 pounds and all she had to do was stop eating McDonald's. 

Jodie Edkins, a mom of three, was addicted to Big Macs, Quarter Pounders and everything else under the golden arches. She ate it every day, often for every meal, and quickly super-sized herself to a size 26. She says she began eating McDonald's three years ago after her daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The fast food restaurant was conveniently located between her home and the hospital and it was all she had time to eat between constant trips back and forth.

But when her daughter got the all-clear from her doctor, Jodie knew she had to change her eating habits and quit McDonald's cold turkey. She explains that her priority was her daughter, so she didn't think of herself. She estimates that she had devoured more than 1,000 Big Macs during that time. She had her last one in June 2013 and haven't had one since. She has shrunken down to a size 14. (NY Daily News)




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