IN BLANKSTARE NEWS: Man's Hand Attached to Ankle

IN BLANKSTARE NEWS: Man's Hand Attached to Ankle

Hands down this is the craziest story you'll hear all day. A Chinese man who severed his hand in a work accident last month has finally had it re-attached to his arm. But wait a minute. If it wasn't attached for an entire month, where was it? Not in a freezer. Not in a Ziploc bag. It was attached to the man's ankle.

Doctors weren't able to perform the re-attachment surgery right away because other procedures had to be done first. So in the meantime, in order to keep the detached hand alive, doctors grafted it onto his ankle.

That means for a month the patient actually had a hand attached to his ankle. Must have made it easier for him to pull up his socks and tie his shoes. Doctors say they had no other choice. It was the only way to keep the hand alive. I guess you could say their hands were tied. If you'd like to see a picture (and seriously, who wouldn't?) click here. (Fox News)




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