IN BLANKSTARE NEWS: Man Has 86 Christmas Trees

How many Christmas trees do you have in your house? One? Maybe two? Brandon Smith of Greenwood, Indiana, laughs at your amateurish attempts at Christmas decorating.

This Christmas-lover has 86 trees in his house. You know, because sometimes just 70 or 80 isn't enough. Every available space in his house is taken up by a tree. It takes 52,000 lights to keep all those trees glowing – enough wattage to heat his home to a toasty 85 degrees and also put a $350-a-month electric bill in his mailbox.

Smith says it's an obsession. Uh, you think? All of the trees are artificial and most of them are donated to him by people who don't want them anymore. And every evening in the month of December, he opens his home to visitors to check out his collection. (Huffington Post)