If you’re a sports fan and you enjoy getting all riled up and disgusted by what’s going on in that world, you’re in luck.

Here are the three stories out there that are sure to get your blood boiling:

1. The Donald Sterling / Los Angeles Clippers Mess:

Unless you have been sleeping for the past few days, you know that 80-year-old Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is under fire in a big way for allegedly making racist comments to his 31-year-old mistress on the phone … which she reportedly recorded.

On top of the racism, you’ve got an 80-year-old billionaire public figure who’s still married, dating someone 50 years younger than him.

It’s ugly on top of ugly – and it seems nobody is defending Sterling ... except for Donald Trump.

At least a little bit.

While Trump admits Sterling’s words are “terrible and despicable,” he thinks the girlfriend took advantage of the Clippers owner’s fragile mental state, explaining that Sterling “got set up by a very, very bad girlfriend.”

Trump went further, stating that girlfriend V. Stiviano is, “a terrible human being.” (Inquisitr)

2. The Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders Lawsuit

People are still buzzing about the craziness of the Buffalo Bills cheerleaders’ lawsuit against the Bills’ organization – and the alleged “jiggle test” the cheerleaders had to take each week.

Well, the jiggle test was just a small part of what the cheerleaders had to deal with.

According to the cheerleaders’ 12-page handbook, here’s a rundown of some of the rules they were supposed to follow in public:

  • Always say, "Excuse me" when you burp, sneeze or cough. Even if you think there isn't anyone around.
  • Remove make-up every night before going to bed!
  • ALWAYS shower after a work out and change undergarments.
  • Wash your feet daily!
  • Bread should be torn to eat, not cut with a knife. Do not overeat bread at a formal setting.

The handbook even suggests the correct way to clean ladyparts – and warns against oversized tampons. (Deadspin)

3. Nobody Can Stop Calvin Johnson From Dunking the Football After TDs

The NFL took another step a few weeks ago to remind us why they’re often lovingly called the No Fun League when they announced that any player who dunked the football over the goal posts next season would be flagged.

Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson heard about the new rule – and plans to ignore it.

“I’m still going to dunk,” Johnson said. “I just won’t touch the rim.”

Since Johnson has caught at least 12 touchdown passes in three of the past four seasons, there will probably be plenty of chances for him to test the boundaries of the new rule. (Detroit Free Press)