IN BLANKSTARE NEWS... California woman comes to tentative settlement with #TSA over #breastmilk.

BREAST MILK & THE TSA: California Woman Wins Legal Battle

A Hermosa Beach, California woman said Tuesday that she's won a tentative legal settlement against the TSA, which she claims harassed her on two different occasions for traveling with breast milk for her son.

In 2010, Stacey Armato claimed she was forced to wait in a glass booth for more than 40 minutes after requesting an alternate form of screening that wouldn't expose breast milk for her son to radiation. Following that incident, Armato sued in federal court in Phoenix, claiming she was "frequently harassed and abused by the TSA agents."

With the proposed settlement, which will likely be official next month, the TSA has vowed to train their screeners about the proper way to deal with breast milk. Armato will also receive $75,000 from the agency, which she will use to cover her legal costs and donate to BreastfeedLA, which promotes breast feeding.

Armato said, "Moms can now travel more confidently with their breast milk. It's a big day for breast-feeding moms."

Source: Daily Breeze




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