in blankstare news: Burp Perp

in blankstare news: Burp Perp

A South Carolina man was chowing down at a Taco Bell when he had someone ring his bell – for letting out a burp without saying, "Excuse me."

Isaiah Morris and a friend were scarfing up their lunch at the fast food joint when an angry customer approached him and accused him of bad manners for openly belching without apology. When he asked the unidentified man what he was talking about, the guy picked up a chair and hit him across the torso, then tried to head-butt him.

A 17-year-old female employee approached the assailant and asked him to leave, which he did, driving off in a pickup truck. The Taco Bell manager said that he did not believe that the surveillance cameras were able to record the incident. (The Smoking Gun)




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