in blankstare news: Breaking Bugged!

in blankstare news: Breaking Bugged!

A Georgia man bugged out after an insect flew into his eye. He flagged down a cop for help, apparently forgetting that he was carrying a sword and a pocket full of meth.

Ryan Coleman was reportedly highly agitated and incoherent when he ran over to a passing patrol car to ask if he could use the sideview mirror to check his eye. He continued rambling, which caused the officer to grow suspicious and ask for ID. Coleman said he couldn't find it, but handed his wallet to the deputy to look for himself, revealing a meth pipe stuck in his waistband in the process.

Coleman tried (but failed) to break the pipe and a struggle ensued, in which the cop found a two-foot sword partially concealed in the 37-year-old's pants. Coleman was booked on charges of drug possession and obstruction of justice. (Rockdale Citizen)




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