in blankstare news: A (Tooth) Brush With the Law

in blankstare news: A (Tooth) Brush With the Law

A Florida man had the smile wiped off his face by cops who showed up to arrest him for assaulting his pregnant cousin – for refusing to provide him with toothpaste!

Lucas Dendy was left with a bad taste in his mouth when his cousin, who'd been giving him a place to crash for a month, turned down his plea to share her tube of paste. His anger crested when she slammed her bedroom door in his face, so he pushed it open, striking her in the stomach, then punching her in the eye.

The woman, who is five months pregnant, was not seriously injured as a result of the incident, but did decide to press charges, leading cops to book Dendy on aggravated battery charges. (Palm Beach Post)




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