SCHOOL DAZE: Is Natural Hair a Distraction?

A Florida girl is fighting back after being told to change her “puffy” hair because it's a distraction to her classmates.

12-year-old Vanessa VanDyke, a student at Faith Christian Academy in Orlando, Florida, tells WKMG-TV that administrators initially threatened to kick her out over her hair, but she refused to back down. Now school officials are softening their stance, saying in a statement, “We're not asking her to put products in her hair or cut her hair. We're asking her to style her hair within the guidelines according to the school handbook.” According to the school, the handbook states, “hair must be a natural color and not be a distraction."

But Vanessa's mother, Sabrina Kent, says that the school administration is targeting her daughter because she’s African-American. "A distraction to one person is not a distraction to another. You could have a kid come in with pimples on his face. Are you going to call it a distraction?"

Kent says she and Vanessa will be discussing the issue over Thanksgiving weekend and then will decide whether to stay in the school or look for another one.

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • There are lots of schools out there. No need to go to one that's racist.
  • This is happening way too often. Remember that poor little girl with dreadlocks in Texas earlier this year?
  • It's a school full of kids in puberty. It's all a distraction.



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