THE CONJURING: Opens Friday   

The Conjuring opens on Friday. Ghost-busters investigate a haunted farmhouse in the based-in-fact tale with Patrick WilsonVera FarmigaRon Livingston and Lili Taylor.


  • Have you ever really seen a ghost? Tell us about your ghoulish encounter.
  • If you could haunt one celebrity, who would it be and why?
  • Did you think The Exorcist sucked? Tell us why it doesn’t deserve the praise it gets.

RED 2: Opens Friday   

Red 2 opens on Friday. Our elite operatives reunite to track down missing nukes in the sequel with Bruce WillisJohn MalkovichMary-Louise ParkerHelen MirrenCatherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins.


  • Did we need a sequel to Red? What have been the most unnecessary sequels of all time?
  • Most of the cast is over 40. Should there be some young blood in the film, or will moviegoers turn up to see the old folks get into action?

R.I.P.D.: Opens Friday 

R.I.P.D. opens on Friday. An un-dead cop hunts his own killer in the action-comedy withJeff BridgesRyan Reynolds, Kevin Bacon and Mary-Louise Parker.