HIP HOP NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW....CEE-LO: Cleared Of Sexual Assault

CEE-LO: Cleared Of Sexual Assault

It's good news and bad news for Cee Lo Green. According to TMZ, he'll be cleared of charges that he sexually assaulted a woman by slipping ecstasy into her drink. But Los Angeles prosecutors will charge him with furnishing ecstasy, which is a felony.

Cee Lo's accuser had claimed that he slipped some Molly in her drink over dinner and the next thing she remembered was waking up naked in his bed. But sources say prosecutors found too many inconsistencies in her story, especially considering she and Cee Lo were dating at the time of the incident and had already been intimate. 

However, the D.A.'s office does think it has enough evidence to hit Cee Lo with one count of furnishing ecstasy. But since it's his first offense, if he is found guilty, he'll likely face no worse than probation.


  • Wonder what really went down between these two.
  • But because a man and women are dating doesn't mean he can't rape her. 
  • Hopefully Cee Lo will learn a lesson from all of this.



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