HIP HOP NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW....ALICIA KEYS: Maybe an Album With Maxwell?


Maxwell got R&B lovers excited this summer when he let it slip that he andAlicia Keys were working on a duets album together -- but Alicia says he's moving a little too fast. 

She tells Essence, “Maxwell has such a big mouth! We’ve spoken about a couple of different things. We’ve spoken about definitely doing something creative together. But which way that comes together…I’m not sure yet.”

Keys also says that hubby Swizz Beatz loves her as both an artist and a mother. “I think what he likes most about Alicia Keys is that I really put my time into [music] -- that I produce, that I create, that I write the songs. He’s always bragging that I’m a better producer than most producers. He likes that I create my own thing… I think he would say how good of a mother I am. He would also say how I care about him and our family.”


  • Come on Alicia, the R&B game needs this album. 
  • Quiet as it's kept, Aliica hasn't had a hit in a minute. This might reignite some interest.
  • Swizz Beatz must be as cool as they say he is. Not too many men would let Maxell in the studio with their wives.



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