HIP HOP NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW...RIHANNA, TEYANA TAYLOR: Petitions Launched to Get Them Dropped From Endorsements


They probably didn't think it would go this far.

Someone finally had to balls to put Rihanna in her place for her arrogant ways. Good Music recording artist Teyana Taylor and RiRi engaged in heated Twitter beef earlier this week and now petitions have been launched asking for companies like MAC and Reebok to their pull enforcements.

Change.org has released two separate petitions for RiRi and Teyana saying their behavior supports bullying and mocks domestic violence. In Ri's petition it says “Rihanna has many young fans that look up to her and bullying is a HUGE problem -- by consistently attacking people online about their looks and reminding them how they are beneath her, she is using her platform in a very negative light and does not provide a positive image for MAC cosmetics or any of the other companies that she endorses.”

People also had words for Teyana Taylor, especially after the Harlem native changed her a picture on Twitter to a Photoshopped pic of her knocking Rihanna out.  The petition reads, "Miss Taylor first (before the image above) started sending abusive and offensive tweets/retweets to Rihanna for over a period of 8 hours. This is not about RIHANNA, this is about all the ABUSED WOMEN of the world being MOCKED! IT IS A SHAME that ADIDAS seems to be endorsing @TEYANATAYLOR!"



  • Rihanna is 25, when is she going to grow up? She's been getting away with being disrespectful for too long.
  • These fans are really pathetic. Her "Navy" is just as bad as she is.
  • Teyana shouldn't lose her enforcement over this even though she's in the wrong as well.



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