HIP HOP NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW...BUSTA RHYMES: Diss Track With Eminem on New Album


Busta Rhymes has a new concept in mind for his upcoming album, Extinction Level Event Two.

The project, his first for Young Money Records, will contain a six-minute song with Eminem named “Calm Down” -- and to hear Busta tell it, they go after each other right on the track -- but grownup-like. He says, "[It] sounds like we are respectfully trying to battle each other in a way that you probably never heard us battle in our entire careers on a record."

According to Busta, Extinction Level Event Two will hit stores late November and also include collaborations with Kanye WestQ-Tip, Lil Wayne and Mary J Blige.

Source: AllHipHop

The Angles:

  • Young Money may not be the right fit for Busta -- it's like a 36-year-old hanging out with 22-year-olds in a club.
  • On the other hand, Weezy turns 30 this week. 
  • Wonder if Shady's trying to re-create 8 Mile.



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