HIP HOP NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW...DRESS CODE: Dallas McDonald's Bans Sagging

DRESS CODE: Dallas McDonald's Bans Sagging

Fellas, you're going to have to hike up your drawers if you want a Big Mac in Texas. A Dallas McDonald's franchisee has decided to ban sagging pants in 25 area restaurants. Dinners visiting Mickey D's are now greeted with a sign that reads, “No Sagging Allowed in This Restaurant.”

Though McDonald's corporate headquarters isn't commenting, a Dallas City Councilman is supporting the move. Councilman Dwaine Caraway tells KHOU, "You can let some money chase away the real money, the long-term money. And I'm sure McDonald's and other restaurants would rather sell a hundred hamburgers versus five."


  • Should McDonald's corporate get involved in this? Or is this a local issue? 
  • Nobody is leaving McDonald's because there are people with sagging pants in there.
  • It's hard to believe there's no racial undertone to this.
  • Should other franchises ban sagging? 



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