HIP HOP NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW...KANYE WEST: DA Looking to Teach Him a Lesson?


Is the Los Angeles District Attorney's office looking to make an example out ofKanye West for his recent attack on a photographer?

That's the word according to TMZ, which claims that sources tell are saying that prosecutors will pursue a case against Kanye for attacking a photographer, though they don't plan to go after Lamar Odom for a similar attack. 

The reason? It was Odom's first incident with the paparazzi, but Kanye has a history of going after lensmen. The source says that Lamar has been ordered to attend a hearing but won't face any criminal charges. Yeezy, on the other hand, may be facing criminal charges for taking a pap's camera at LAX. 


  • You know people don't like you when they're giving someone with a rumored crack addiction breaks but throw the book at you. 
  • Seems like the DA is trying to send a message to L.A.'s celebrities: You have to let the paps do their thing.
  • Maybe this will finally get Kanye to stop spazzing on paparazzi.



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