The stakes were high when P. Diddy and Rick Ross sat down to a friendly game of cee-lo this weekend.

The pair, in Ls Vegas for the Floyd Mayweather fight, apparently decided to put a cool million bucks on their game. In a video posted on Instagram, Diddy, after taking a swig of Ciroc, craps out after rolling 1,2,3. 

Following his loss, Diddy also posted a picture of a handwritten note addressed to "RR" that reads, "I owe you $1,000,000," along with the caption, "I just lost a million dollars. It ain't nothin'."


  • A handwritten IOU? Ross needed to demand a check! 
  • Black Rob, Loon and Mase all have notes that say that, too!
  • Diddy needs to know Ciroc and cee-lo don't mix.