HIP HOP NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW...CHRIS BROWN: 1,000 Hours Community Service


Chris Brown's legal dramas continue. On Friday, the singer was ordered to do a thousand hours of community service as part of a deal to reinstate his probation. Prosecutors agreed to withdraw their request that his probation be rescinded if he agreed to the additional hours. This all began with his 2009 arrest for assaultingRihanna. As part of the deal, Brown must perform highway work and graffiti removal.


  • A thousand hours is six months of 40 hour weeks. We have to assume he has things he'd rather be doing.
  • For graffiti removal, he can start at his house. 
  • Hope Chris didn't buy his lawyer a Lambo yet. He might want to look into a Rav 4 now...
  • Maybe these additional hours will get Chris' attention....



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