HIP HOP NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW...GAME: Not Game for Lunch at Some Establishments


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Rapper/actor The Game is apparently not game for lunch in all establishments.

On Sunday, he was denied service at Houston's restaurant in Pasadena, California because of his tattoos. According to a tweet from The Game, one of the managers at the restaurant told him his tattoos were threatening to other dinners at the restaurant.

The Game tweeted, "NEVER eating @Houston's restaurants as long as I live! Denied service in Pasadena by mgr…because: I have tattoos on my arms?!?." In a follow up tweet, The Game explained that it was 90 degrees outside and his tank top was appropriate attire and added, "Racism still exists SMH [shake my head] #DontEatAtHoustonsPasadena."

The Game, however, didn't go hungry.  He stopped in at a nearby California Pizza Kitchen where they were more than happy to serve him and even game him a free desert.

Source: E! Online




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