GAME: Birthday Celebration Gone Wrong...


Things got a little out of hand at Game's birthday celebration last night (Tuesday) in L.A.

According to TMZ, a woman did a little twerking for Game while in his car early in the evening. But later on, the same woman got into a brawl with another club-goer outside the bar, allegedly over a man. Shoes were used as weapons and a few boobs fell out before one of the girls was left in a bloody mess and the other in handcuffs. 

TMZ caught it all on camera. 


  • Just the kind of girls you want to take home for the holidays.
  • You don't get a girlfight for your birthday every year!
  • That TMZ footage is going to be evidence in a court case.
  • Think these gals got any of that Robin Hood money Game's been handing out?



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