FRENCH MONTANA: Wife Says She's Not Bitter

FRENCH MONTANA: Wife Says She's Not Bitter

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Even though he reportedly abandoned his five-year-old son for fame, fortune, and most recently Khloe KardashianFrench Montana's wife says she's not bitter!

French's estranged wife Deen Kharbouch has been pretty vocal about her broken relationship with the rapper, who she claims took off along with his budding rap career. Some have mistaken her revelations as an attempt at revenge and bitterness, but Deen says, "Why would anyone think that I’m bitter? I’m more in shock, hurt maybe, but bitter? Absolutely not." t

She continued, "When you look back in the history that we have, I just can’t see some of the things he did, or is doing presently, how he even did it. People have to understand that I was there from day one. When there was literally one DVD.”

The situation is messed up, but Deen says she knows she has to move forward with her life for her son. As for the advice she'd give to single mothers in similar predicaments, Deen says, "Just make sure that you take care of yourself."

Source: Madamn Noire

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • People wouldn't think she was bitter if she didn't go on these rants and interviews every time he starts dating someone new.
  • You did decide to have a baby with a known drug dealer. What did you expect, Deen?
  • French Montana will reap what he sows. It's only a matter of time.
  • So when are the divorce papers being signed?
  • Khole loves those damaged men with families.



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