FOXY BROWN: Weave Snatch Details

A Brooklyn, New York hair stylist is spilling more details on her claim that Foxy Brown walked out on a $900 bill for a weave job.

G-Star, whose video of her confrontation with Foxy has been widely circulated online, says things started out well. She tells Bossip that Foxy initially loved her weave, saying, "This the best weave she ever had and couldn’t believe how flat the braids were... She loved the fact that I was an out lesbian and said I will always stand out because of how open I am."

But when it got down to brass tacks, G-Star says Foxy first claimed that she couldn't pay on the spot because she was late to meet Jay Z at the nearby Barclays Center. When G-Star continued to press her, Foxy apparently said the stylist should just invoice her management team. But when that wasn't good enough, Foxy apparently walked out the door, saying she didn't want to "embarrass" the stylist.

G-Star has since filed charges for theft of services at the local police percent. 


  • Come on Foxy, don't drop Jay's name to try to get out of the bill. 
  • We don't want to believe Foxy did this, but story kinda rings true. 
  • $900 seems pretty steep for a weave. 



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