Five Percent Nation wants to know why Jay Z is rocking its medallion.

JAY Z: Five Percenters Have Questions


The Five Percent Nation says it's curious why Jay Z has been spotted wearing one of its "Universal Flag" medallions.

The group's Lord Born Justice Allah tells The Source "He took it there." Noting that Jay grew up in a section of Brooklyn heavily influenced by Five Percenters, Justice Allah adds, "I’m not gonna say he’s not a Five Percenter, but I can’t say he is either until I talk with him."

Justice Allah also has questions for the New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony, saying, "Same thing with Carmelo Anthony, I would like to know [your thoughts] because you wearing our Universal Flag.” 

Justice Allah denies that the group preaches anti-white rhetoric. He says Five Percenters are taught, "Be not anti-white nor pro-black. Our father taught us to anti-devil-ishment and pro-righteousness. There's a big in the twist and turns of people using words."

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Jay must have known this was going to be a story when he rocked that medallion. 
  • Carmello better put that Universal Flag away until he signs a new contact. 
  • The Roc Nation is probably bigger and more influential than the Five Percent Nation.



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