FANTASIA: Friends Are Worried?

Fantasia's friends worried about her mental health following her recent breakup with boyfriend Antwaun Cook?

That's the word according to RadarOnline, which claims that Fantasia has gone into a dark space after Cook left her to go back to his estranged wife. A source says, “Fantasia’s friends are bracing for the worst. She isn’t coping well with being dumped and she’s saying crazy things, like she can’t go on living without her man and that her life is over.” 

Fantasia was hospitalized in 2010 following an apparent suicide attempt. 

TeeRoy 2 Cents:

  • Let's hope this isn't true. 
  • Fantasia needs to let it go with this guy once and for all, and get on with her life. 
  • Believe it or not, suicide rates don't go up during the holidays.



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