EXCUSES: Reasons Celebs Gave for Cheating

EXCUSES: Reasons Celebs Gave for Cheating

Everybody cheats, right? But when celebs get caught red-handed, their excuses are pretty are epic.

Here are some excuses stars have given for cheating:

  • Tiger Woods and Eric Benet - Both said they had sex addictions. But why'd you have to cheat on Halle though, Eric?
  • Kirk from Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta - Basically said he wanted to test the waters -- of groupies.
  • Brad Pitt - Pretty much said Jennifer Aniston was boring in bed. Which led him toAngelina.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger - Said his wife wasn’t giving it up enough, so he made the maid his baby mama. 
  • Bishop Eddie Long - Well, he allegedly likes boys.
  • Morgan Freeman - He said he was in an “open relationship” so he could cheat.



  • You know what they say -- he's as faithful as his options. Celebs have a lot of people throwing their crotches at them, ya know!
  • Let's face it -- a lot of guys would go off the reservation if they could have groupies every night. 
  • Open marriages almost never work.



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