DR. DRE: Rappers Dre Turned Into Superstars



Dr. Dre turns 49 this week. Since his days with N.W.A, he has repeatedly proven to know what hip-hop wants. 

Here are some recording artists Dre took from raw talent to star status during his three decades in the business.

  • Xzibit -- even though X was known for doing his thing on the underground scene, it was Dr. Dre's 2001 album that gave Xzibit lots of mainstream attention.
  • The Game -- Dr. Dre paired the The Game with 50 Cent and the result -- his debut classic The Documentary.
  • 50 Cent -- Dre and Eminen scooped up the Queens Native and crafted a masterpiece with Get Rich Or Die Tryin'.
  • Eminem --it was Dre that introduced the world to one of the best lyrical mainstream rappers.
  • Kendrick Lamar -- his latest discovery is one of the biggest rapper out at the moment. 





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