DMX: Arrested in South Carolina...HIP HOP NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW!!!

DMX was arrested last night in South Carolina. According to TMZ, the rapper was taken into custody at the Greenville-Spartanburg airport for multiple driving offenses. According to a spokesperson for the airport, cops recognized X when he drove into the facility and pulled him over. After running his information, they busted him for driving with a suspended license, driving while uninsured and driving an unlicensed vehicle.

X, who is currently in custody, already has a number of arrests for driving with a suspended license several times. His other open cases include an August arrest for weed and a DUI in July.


  • What is so important in South Carolina that X can't keep himself out of the state?
  • You can't even get mad at the police for profiling in this situation. 
  • When it's to the point police are just pulling you over on sight, it's time to get out of town.



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