CHRIS BROWN: Saved by Secret Service?...HIP HOP NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW!!!!


Chris Brown might have a secret weapon in fighting the recent assault charges against him -- the Secret Service!

That's right, a member of the elite unit charged with protecting the President might have the final word on what really happened between Breezy and a fan who claims Chris punched him in the face in Washington, D.C. According to TMZ, a member of the Service happened to witness the fight, and claims he heard the victim tell a D.C. cop that he was never actually struck in the altercation. 

When the cop later denied having spoken with the victim, the Service agent came forward and told police what he had heard. According to sources, the agent's testimony could help discredit the victim's claims. 

Brown is still on probation for beating the tar out of Rihanna, and if a judge decides to revoke it because of the incident, he could land in jail for four years. 


  • What's a Secret Service agent doing in the same place as Chris Brown in the middle of the night? 
  • If Chris manages to beat this, it's only going to make him think he's invincible. 
  • But why would a cop claim that he didn't speak to a witness? Do they really have it out for Chris that bad? 



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