CHRIS BROWN: One Month Behind Bars

CHRIS BROWN: One Month Behind Bars


Chris Brown has been ordered to stay behind bars for a month after a Los Angeles judge rejected his bid to be released on bail.

Brown was arrested on Friday for parole violations after being expelled from the rehab center where he was taking anger management classes. The judge said that Brown had "inability to stay out of trouble." He was also particularly concerned that Brown allegedly told workers at the facility that "I am good at using guns and knives."

Brown must remain jailed until at least April 23rd, which will allow Los Angeles prosecutors to see if he is found guilty in by a Washington D.C. jury for an unrelated criminal assault. If Brown is found guilty in the D.C. case he could have to spend up to four years behind bars. 

In addition to the comments about guns and knives, TMZ reports there were other reason Brown was booted from rehab. Sources say he broke the facility’s rule that he stay two-feet away from all women. The source adds that Brown broke the “highly unusual” rule after he touched hands and elbows with a women inside the facility. 

The sources also say that Brown also initially refused to take two drug tests last week, though he did pass the tests once agreed to take them.

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

1.It's time Chris get some serious mental health help.

2.Sounds like the court isn't going to take it easy on him.

3.Forcing him to stay two feet away from all women sounds like overkill.




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