CHRIS BROWN: Countersues Over Frank Ocean Fight...HIP HOP NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW!!!


Chris Brown is fighting back -- legally this time. Chris has just filed a counter-suit in the civil case over his scuffle with Frank Ocean.

Back in January, Chris and Frank got into it in a parking lot outside a recording studio. Frank's cousin Sha'Keir Duarte claims that he was hurt by one of Breezy's bodyguards and is suing Chris for $2 million. But according to TMZ, Chris is firing back with a counter-suit. claiming that he attempted to avoid the confrontation "with the aggressive and hostile Mr. Duarte" but that Duarte provoked the fight by threatening to kill him.

Chris adds that Duarte's request for $2 million is absurd.


  • People are tired of hearing about Chris and his legal problems -- lock him up for a bit and let's see if he calms down.
  • What, no video nearby? Is there a Secret Service agent willing to testify on Chris's behalf, too?
  • Right, and Rihanna provoked you, too.



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