Chris Brown bodyguard guilty of assault in DC case.

CHRIS BROWN: Bodyguard Gulity

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Chris Brown's bodyguard has been found guilty of punching a fan in Washington, DC.

According to TMZChristopher Hollosy was found of misdemeanor assault in connection to the incident, in which a fan says he was attacked when he tried to get on Breezy's tour bus. Judge Patricia Wynn said Hollosy wasn't justified in striking Parker Adams because there was no proof he was menacing Brown. 

The judge also indicated that she believed a witness who'd said he saw Brown strike Adams before Hollosy did. 

Brown's trial on misdemeanor assault is scheduled to begin later today. If he's found guilty, he'd likely get probation in DC -- but that could be enough to prompt a Los Angeles judge to keep him jailed in California. 

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Not looking good for Chris. 
  • He'll probably only receive probation in DC. But California is what he has to worry about. 
  • The bodyguard is trying to take the blame. But it might not work.



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