BOW WOW: Rumors Not True

BOW WOW: Rumors Not True

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Bow Wow says that despite what you might have seen on Twitter, BET's 106th and Park hasn't been suspended for making fun of Blue Ivy Carter's hair.

The rapper-turned-host is sticking to the company line and claiming that the show is just on a regularly scheduled hiatus. In a video posted on Instagram, he says, "Y'all crazy, no we not getting suspended, we not going off the air. We are currently on hiatus... That's why you haven't seen me on the show as of late because I've actually using the time to film for CSI."

But Bow Wow makes it clear he wouldn't have made the mistake Karrueche Tran did and read any script messing with Blue Ivy. "A brother like me, would I have read that [ish]? Hell no!"

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Damn Bow Wow, why'd you have to throw Karrueche under the bus like that? 
  • Why is everyone involved treating this like a major crisis? There's plenty of real problems in the world right now.
  • Will Karrueche even get to come back on 106?



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