BOBBY BROWN: Not Excited for Bobbi Kristina

BOBBY BROWN: Not Excited for Bobbi Kristina

Don't expect Bobby Brown to be throwing an engagement party for his daughter Bobbi Kristina's impending nuptials to Nick Gordan.

When asked by a TMZ cameraman,"How excited are you for your daughter -- she's about to get married and stuff?" Brown replied with a curt, "I'm not."

Brown went on to say that Nick never called him to ask for Kristina's hand in marriage, though he can't really be surprised by that, since he and Bobbi Kristina haven't been talking for some time. But he does say that, even though he doesn't approve of her decision, "I just want her to be happy."


  • These guys are a dysfunctional family for the ages. 
  • Forget about asking for her hand -- half brothers aren't supposed to be marrying their sisters, period! 
  • Whitney must be rolling in her grave over this one.



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