BEYONCE: Didn't Change the Lyrics

BEYONCE: Didn't Change the Lyrics   

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Amid all the hubbub about Beyoncé's rap on the "Flawless' re-mix with Nicki Minaj, one thing has gotten lost -- those substitute lyrics supposedly putting down hubby Jay Z are nowhere to be found.

On Friday, Mediatakeout reported that the verse in question was to have gone, "My man out here make me feel so God damn fine" but were changed to "these [n-words] out here make me feel so God damn fine." Guess what? Didn't happen. The original is intact.

The lyrics do seem to shine a light on what happened in that elevator scuffle with Bey's sister Solange, though, when she rhymes, "Of course sometimes [ish] goes down when there's a billion dollars on the elevator."

Source: TMZ

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Didn't we tell you that Bey would never shade Jay in a song? She's too smart and too classy, even if they are on the rock.
  • Mediatakeout used to bat at least .500. Now, it's getting hard to rely on them at all.
  • It does sound like some shade for Solange, though, doesn't it? How much of that billion dollars does she account for?
  • She's not half bad at this rap thing.



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