AUGUST ALSINA: Curses on 106 & Park

AUGUST ALSINA: Curses on 106 & Park   

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August Alsina got a little testy on the normally upbeat 106 & Park Tuesday afternoon when asked about his rumored beef with Trey Songz. When host Keshia Chanté started to ask whether there was a chance that the two crooners might appear on stage together one day, the singer said, “So you gonna just go against the grain?…I just told y’all not to ask me that [stuff] when I got in here.”

To her credit, Keisha pushed her point, saying he’d spoken on it before and was asking on behalf of the fans, adding, “If you don’t want to answer it that’s fine.”

“I won’t,” replied Alsina.  

Alsina's debut album Testimony is in stores now.

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Was Alsina out of line or should 106 have respected his wishes? 
  • Should an artist get to put subjects off limits like that, especially a new artist? 
  • Remember, Keisha is an artist herself, which is why she probably put it in a respectful manner. 



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