50 CENT: Left Interscope Over Relationship With Beats by Dre

50 CENT: Left Interscope Over Relationship With Beats by Dre


Newly independent artist 50 Cent recently says his split with Interscope Records was purely a business decision.

In an interview with a Kansas City radio station, Fif' said that his SMS Audio headphones didn't really jibe with Interscope's close ties to Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s Beats by Dre audio brand. He explained, “Interscope was kind of turning into ‘Beats by Dre Records.' Because I invested in SMS Audio and had a different priority, it was like they were afraid to do a lot of things. I’m not sure all of it was Jimmy’s intentions, but the staff was scared straight.”

50 adds that he had very little creative control over his music at the label. "To give you an example, when I launched ‘Amusement Park,’ that definitely wasn’t my pick. It was a song that reminded them of ‘Candy Shop.’ That was an easy hit for the system.”

Despite his split from his longtime family at Interscope, the Queens rapper makes it clear that he has no beef with Dr. Dre or his mentor, Eminem. He tells Huffington Post, "It’s impossible to ruin the relationship Eminem and I have built up. There’s no way I would say or do anything that would disrespect what he’s done for me. I credit a huge portion of my success to Em... It’s one of those things that if I hated Dr. Dre, I couldn’t say it to anyone because it would bother Em."


TeeRoy's 2 Cents

1.You can't blame 50. He's got an album coming out -- time to start making headlines.

--2.SMS and Dre's Beats aren't even in the same galaxy. No one was really tripping off your headphones, 50. Beats has the headphone market on lock.

---3Law of Power Number-One: Never outshine the master. 50 knows what he doing. He'd be stupid to diss Dre or Em. 




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