You Can Win Without It

  • “It’s not what wins a woman over.” – Carmen.

Listen Up!

  • “That I actually know what I want, so don’t be scared to listen to me.” – Victoria

We're Not All the Same

  • “Every woman is different. What pleases one woman might not necessarily please another. The key is being in tune with your woman and her particular needs and desires.” – Lela

We're Ovens Not Microwaves

  • “We are not always ready when they are ready. We just have sex because they want us to have sex.” – Melissa

We Get So Emotional

  • “Sex is an emotional act for women and is not just meant to fill a physical need.” – Precious

It Can Make Us Feel Safe

  • “Intimacy with the one you love provides you a safe place to be vulnerable.” – Tina

Don't Want It Too Much

  • “Their obsession with it is a turn-off.” – Trei

Sex and Love Aren't the Same

  • “Having sex with a woman is not the way to her heart but making love to her will go a long way. There is a difference you know!” – Toya

There Has to Be More to It

  • “It’s a part of the relationship, NOT the relationship.” – Chevelle

Foreplay Matters

  • “How to be passionate and to learn that foreplay takes place all day long; a phone call to say something sexy, a sexually charged email. Start setting the mood early in the day.” – Therea

No Condom, No Complaining

  • “Not using protection forfeits your right to complain about the consequences.” – Ayana

Stimulate My Mind Too

  • “That you got to mentally satisfy before you get between the thighs!” – Janet

Taking Off All My Clothes Is A Big Deal

  • “That ripping my clothes off as soon as we’re alone is not always as sexy as men think. Being naked makes a woman feel vulnerable and if he’s too pushy, it doesn’t make her feel comfortable at all.” – Candace

Our Heads Are In the Game

  • “It’s more mental than physical for women.” – Krystal

The Clitoris Is the Queen

  • “How to find the clitoris! Learn what it is, where it is and give it some attention.” – Phylicia

Be A Friend First

  • “Companionship is so much better.” – Dawn

Make Every Moment Count

  • “Truly cherishing the before, the act and after of love making.” – Matasha

We Like Orgasms Too

  • “We want [to have] an orgasm every time just like they want one every time!” – Amber

Can't We Just Cuddle?

  • “We don’t always want sex just because we want to cuddle.” – Ethel 

Touch Me, Tease Me

  • “Take time to caress and love each part as if it was the last time you’ll experience love making.” – Lynn