Master P is going to make you say ugh when his new album comes out!  The Gift comes out December 6th and it will include a "golden lottery ticket," which will give fans a chance to win a $10,000 prize.

The winner will be decided through a raffle on December 23rd.

Master P told AllHipHop, “As I get better with time, the man upstairs has blessed me and continues to give me the inspiration to share my talents or should I say my GIFT with my current and new fan base of music consumers of all ages and ethnic backgrounds across the world”, stated P. “With the holidays approaching and the economy being the way it is, many families will be unable to buy gifts for their loved ones and that’s why I want to give everyone THE GIFT. Most importantly, I will be able to use my gift of music to help give back to underprivileged kids in many communities, and give them a chance to receive Christmas gifts that they would normally not be able to afford. It is my hope that this will encourage other artists to join me in this movement.”

That's a good look!