The funeral for Kris Kross member Chris Kelly began this afternoon in Atlanta and TMZ streamed the whole thing. 

TMZ is reporting that several celebs are among the mourners. Chris Smith, the other half of Kriss Kross, arrived with Jermaine Dupri. Members of Xscape actually performed, and of course Da Brat is there. Keke Wyatt also performed, calling the ceremony a "Home Going." She said, "God is in the mist."

Several attendees, including Dupri and Da Brat, are reportedly wearing their pants backwards as a tribute to Chris.

The 34-year-old was pronounced dead last Wednesday after his body was found unresponsive in his Georgia home. According to police, his mom said he'd had an "extensive history of drug use" and was doing a mixture of cocaine and heroin the night before.

Watch some footage below.

Source: TMZ