Now you know I'm from Seattle and pandemonium for the Seattle Seahawks is at an all time high! My family is "ALL IN"  So much so, my brother Mario gave me a an official Seahawks jersey and told me to quit bandwagon jumping lol!! (He know's I'm down with the Packers!!)

Then I find out my family has even more of a hometown interest than just the usual stuff! One of my nephews (Eric) is working as a graphic designer,videographer for a group of Hawks team members (the Legion of Boom) (see video work below- he's the rapper in the white jersey) and of all things, my nephew Christopher has been showing up in a bunch of Fox Sports NFL video's! You know I gotta shout the FAM out! Lol 

But you know me.... I'm a Packer now and I'll be cheering for both sides!!! May the best team win!!! Lol


video pic credit: Fox Sports