According to our girl Sanaa Lathan, has had plenty of drama going on lately! Contractors working on her house found a stalker in the laundry room of her house! To add insult to injury he claimed he was her husband and refused to leave! "Just a side note" I WOULD HAVE BEEN FREAKING FLIPPIN AND TRIPPIN OUT!!!  

Later that day he came back and Sanaa had to tell him to "Get Outta Here!!" and called the police. Then 3 days later he rolled back through her crib, yeah showed up on her doorstep! It was then that Sanaa hid for her life! Shawn Caples, who is 28 years old has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards after Lathan was granted a restraining order.

I'm wondering why the police weren't called after the first time? hmmm maybe because the contractors found him and he was claiming to be her husband! EITHER WAY IT GOES.... YIKES!!!!

Photo Credit:  Getty Images