It's pretty whack but according to the latest word is that Apollo has been cheating on his pregnant wife.  It's sad but I gotta admint he's shown a lot of tendancies on this season of Real Housewives of ATL and I thought he and Kenya were straight up disrespectful when they were in Anguilla. Plus did you see the preview for part 2 of the reunion? When he and Kenya going back and forth, about texting each other?  Not good but of course you know Phaedra she's going to be a lady about everything! 

The latest accuser alleges that Apollo chopped her down in a holiday inn back October of last year and was supposedly demanding that Phaedra (not Apollo but Phaedra) pay her to keep quiet about it! for the two of them and both of their children I hope its not true and they work through the drama! Click the link below for more! by the way I'm buying their video! lol