According to Kim Zolciak won her counter suit againt Kandi Burruss! Remember it was all over that whack song Tardy for the Party? Kandi's suit (which we've not heard the results from as of yet) claimed that Zolciak did not pay her all of the royalties that were due her.

Kim's suit claimed that she not only over paid Kandi but that Burruss was staging a publicity stunt! Wow the drama of it all! I think most folks believed Kim did Kandi wrong, but Kandi was the professional in this situation and she should have known better! But she won't do anyting on a hand shake and a verbal agreement any more!  Check out the two of them below debut Tardy for the Party on Bravo's Watch What Happens live ar the RHOA Reunion.... by the way Kandi.... Nene did tell you about Kim! lol