According to The Huffington Post Ms. Evelyn Lozada confirms she will not being doing a season 6 of Basketball Wives! As a matter of fact she allegedly added that she can carry her own show, and that she carried Basketball Wives for the last 5 seasons! Yikes!! Can Eve really be that full? Because I'm tellin' you right now I tuned in for Tami, Susie, Jennifer everyone but Shaunie... not so much her cause to me she's always been just there not getting involved but watching everyone else..I'm just sayin'! lol but you know I might take a peak at a show with just Evelyn, she'd definately get me in on the first episode...after that, I don't know.... Well we better enjoy the current season! Check out the highlights from episode 5 below! 

So far this is one of my favorite episodes because it show's the doing something really real and visiting a lady with breast cancer!