Now I'd like to say that she had changed, was different than most of the reality show chicks? You know she and Jim Jones have their new reality show that's working at being more of a family show, less drama trying to be more of a show like "Tiny & T.I.'s".....but I guess I was wrong because over the weekend Chrissy Lampkin was arrested for alleged aggrevated assualt at a club in New Jersey.  

According to Chrissy supposedly became upset after the alleged victim sat on the same couch which Chrissy was sitting on.  All of that lead to the question was it all for the camera's, you know something hyped up by the producers of Chrissy & Mr. Jones? Apparently there were no camera's present so this has to be chalked up to Chrissy's ratchetness! Oh well, she's a work in progress! Enjoy the season finale of Chrissy and Mr. Jones below! 


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