Ok so I'll be the first to admit Lil' Kim has done a lot!. . . to her face!! lol and hey with the recent photo's of her poppin' up she looks even more cray cray than the last time and you know Wendy Williams is just the person to shovel some dirt on Lil' Kim's latest face altering look! By the way the picture below is NOT KIM'S NEW LOOK... BUT IT WAS THE ONLY ONE I COULD POST!!! LOL Her new look with the wrong vantage point she looks like a super bloated Dianne Carroll (google her) lol not that that's bad it's just NOT LIL KIM!!! Well I guess it is now though! ;/


Now Kim's puttin' out all kind of crazy stuff about Wendy saying "Wendy and Biggie had a thing and he didn't want her" - that's the nice way of saying! :) anyway you can check out more at  http://bossip.com/