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Jay Z is known for rapping about everything from brand name watches to high end cars, but which product does Hova name-drop the most? has finally answered that question with a graph that charts the brands Jay Z mentions in each of his 12 albums, as well as his Watch the Throne collaboration album with Kanye West. 

After poring over Jay's lyrics, the magazine found that his most rapped about brand is Gucci, a name he's dropped 34 times in his songs.  While Gucci may have been his go-to fashion brand over the years, it didn't even make the cut for his last album, Magna Carta Holy Grail.  Instead, Jay showed his love for fashion designer Tom Ford, which got nine mentions on the album and was even chosen as a song title. 

As far as rides go, Mercedes Benz seems to be Jay's favorite.  Jay has dropped the luxury carmaker's name 30 times.  

Other brands that Jay has mentioned often are Lexus, Bentley, Cristal, Range Rover and BMW, as well as the gunmakers Glock and Kel-Tec.  

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